Brutally Honest Book Profits Review

If you’re wondering if Book Profits by Luke Sample and Jon Shugart lives up to the hype, then you’re in the right spot. 

We have access to the Book Profits software as well as the training materials and in this post, we’ll be providing and inside, yet brutally honest review at the program.

The Quick Decision – Do We Recommend?

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Book Profits is a training program that educates users who may or may not have any digital marketing experience on how they can setup a profitable business using Textbook arbitrage. 

A term coined by Shugart and Sample that gets users to get books and flip for a profit. 

Book Profits is a full system with beginner to advanced training materials as well as tracking software to keep up with all the book transactions. 

Who Is Jon Shugart?

Jon Shugart is a digital marketer and product creator and one half of the Book Profits team along with Luke Sample.  

Who Is Luke Sample?

Luke Sample is a digital marketer that first was known in many SEO circles until he started promoting this new textbook money system along with Jon.

Together these two have been on a tear of webinars over the last year dedicated to educating and empowering those that are looking for a system to make money from home with a step by step process, cutting edge software along with coaching to help you along with the process. 

Does Book Profits Work?

The process is your looking for used textbooks that you can flip for a profit. 

The biggest key is finding textbooks that people are already looking for and that’s what Jon and Luke’s system is so effective in doing. 

Inside you have access to the following



  • The Cutting Edge Training
  • The Exclusive Software Only Available for Book Profits customers (this is unlike anything else on the market)
  • The Ongoing training and coaching calls (this is to ensure you stick with the system, get coached up and follow along with any changes you need to implement.)

Book Profits Reviews

Instead of rambling on and on about how great the product is, we decided to just include real world testimonials from people that have actually invested in the program and saw tremendous success. 

As you can see in the videos above, they’ve taught this system to all different type sof people from all over the world and seeing success. 

The people that are seeing results insist that it’s because of the three things that you can’t get anywhere else – the training, the ongoing coaching, and the software that makes creating profitable book trades a walk in the park. 

How to Join Book Profits

We’ve got the webinar link plugged in if you’re ready to join with the time sensitive discount.

Or if you’d like to see the free training they’ve put together, then simply go here

This free training is better than most courses and I think you’ll agree once you attend.

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