100K Shout Out with Ampifire Review – Does It Really Work?

100K Shout Out Review – Does It Really Work?

Wondering if 100K Shout Out is for you?

Our Quick Recommendation: YES!

However, this offer is now expired. 

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Or read on to see the full 100K Shout Out Reviews, Demo, Inside Look at Ampifire software as well as our incredible bonus that’s going to kick ass.

The 100K Shout Out launch is set for the doors to open on August 20th, 2019 and will only be open for a short period of time.

What is 100K Shout Out?

The 100k Shout Out” is the incredible new course from Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, which shows your audience how even a complete beginner can generate $100,000/yr or more from scratch, using this unique strategy, while also giving access to their, ground breaking new traffic software AmpiFire for free, with ‘Done For You’ credits included.

You’ll see exactly what to promote, and the AmpiFire software does the marketing work for them by promoting products all over the web.

If you’ve heard of “OmniPresence” campaigns, which essentially take anything your content and allows you to be everywhere, all over the internet making you appear where your customers are looking in a fast, easy way, unlike anything else that’s ever been done before.

We’ll be answering the following questions as the launch gets closer and we’ll complete this review along with giving all the details on our kick ass bonuses

Who’s Behind 100K Shout Out?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz who were behind the popular Presscable are the ones behind the new Ampifire software along with the 100K Shout Out launch.

Presscable has done an impressive amount in online sales – over $12,038,960+ in sales.

This new angle and approach is sure to be a big hit as the buzz is already gaining momentum.

The Full 100K Shoutout Review

In this 100K Shout Out and Ampifire review we wanted to explain everything you’re getting plus show you a demo of exactly what you’ll be getting and why we believe this is the must have product for 2019.

Here’s the first video outlining the training and the overview of Amps

In this second video, I’ll go behind the scenes of the Ampifire software and showing you how it all works. 

The thing to realize is how quick you can have distribution and the links get indexed very quickly.

What is AmpiFire and How Does It Work?

The 100k Shout Out Course is the Front End that also gives buyers free access to the AmpiFire automation software, loaded with enough credits to drive 6 figures in revenue.

This is by far the easiest method to getting your content spread across the internet in the fastest time frame possible while getting eyeballs from the most authoritative channels on the internet. 

  1. You simply fill out the Ampifire Form
  2. It will automatically create and publish your content across high authority blogs that get REAL traffic. 
  3. It then publishes and syndicates your content across the major news outlets.
  4. It then creates and publishes your video to Youtube and Vimeo (the biggest video sharing sites in the world) 
  5. Will create and publish your audio versions to the most popular podcasting directories
  6. Creates and publishes a powerpoint across Linkedin’s Slideshare
  7.  Creates and publishes to Facebook and Twitter
  8. Plus it publishes to Google News! 

This gives you the ability to leverage the power and authority of all the major channels using every angle possible. 

Allowing you to drive more traffic and getting more eyeballs from your marketing efforts. 

It works for anyone looking to create a sustainable business from the web. 

  • Beginners looking to get started with a sure fire method that gets results
  • Local service providers
  • Reputation Managers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Influencers
  • Product Creators
  • Any digital service where you need reliable traffic.

100k Shout Out Is Setup to Help Build a $100,000 per year business even if you’re brand new with no clue where to start! 

100k Shout Out & Ampifire Exclusive Bonus Package

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Derek Pierce and I’m giving 100k Shout Out my highest endorsement.


The training and software is top notch and unlike any other software I’ve seen. 

However it’s no longer available. 

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