TechPhx started as a two-day workshop for podcast buffs and has grown phenomenally over the past few years into an unconference for new media enthusiasts and professionals including bloggers, podcasters, writers, musicians, social media fans and content creators of every kind. Our focus is on community and what we can teach each other about navigating in this interconnected world.

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, you’ll find that TechPhx offers high-quality sessions for a very low cost.

TechPhx is organized by a core group of volunteers, as well as an extended group of volunteers who pitch in on the day of the event, a wonderful assortment of knowledgeable speakers and our generous sponsors. You could go to San Francisco or Austin and end up broke and overwhelmed (and forget half of what you learned before you come home) — or you can come to TechPhx, meet the local experts, get the information you need and connect with valley’s tech community, in a low-key and welcoming environment.

We are pretty sure you’ve heard at least one of these terms before: Blogging. Video. Podcasting. Social Media. New Media.

Do you currently blog? Podcast? Do you belong to a social media network like Twitter or Facebook?

Maybe you’ve had this idea for a great podcast, but you have no clue where to start. Or you’ve had a WordPress site for a year now, just sitting there, and have no idea how to put it together. Perhaps you’ve been podcasting or blogging for years, and just want to give yourself a little motivation and make what you’ve been doing even better.

Maybe you do not do any of these things, but have always wanted to.

This is where TechPhx comes in. TechPhx is a low-cost unconference dedicated to relevant media. We’ll cover blogging, video blogging, social media, podcasting and any other participatory media. We want to start conversations about relevant media topics: applications – tools – networking – education.

TechPhx started in 2007 as PodcampAZ. With our recent name change we’re working to expand our vision. Our unique concept allows for experts, users and newbies to present and/or participate in sessions. No pitching is allowed and participants understand that much of the learning will be focused on value-added messaging rather than advertisements. Openness and transparency are our hallmarks.

The best part (besides the price)- you are completely in control. This is why we use the term un-conference. The weekend is run by the Law of Two Feet. If the session you’re sitting in isn’t quite what you thought, you can get up and go. Are there two sessions at the same time you want to be in? Split it in half. It’s up to you, and you can move from session to session GUILT FREE.

Even better- if you have something you want to share about anything mentioned above, YOU can be a speaker at TechPhx! We are all experts here.

Remember, TechPhx is not just about podcasting. Bloggers, video-casters, writers, musicians, journalists, all are welcome. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both. Even if you just have a mild curiosity about what all this new-fangled technology is, then TechPhx is where you find out more, and meet others with the same interests.

The key is community. The valley has plenty of it to share, and we want you to join us.

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Director: Dani Cutler

Jack of all Trades: Kevin Kittredge

Prize Princess/Czsar: Heather Kittredge

Producer: Miles Comer

TLDNR: TechPHX is a get together of local content creators sharing tips on spreading your ideas online, mainly through the use of social media, video, blogs, and podcasts.