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Great! Head on over to the TechPHX Facebook page, and make a post to  let us know how you can help / what you are good at / your suggestion.

You’d be surprised to know how many people show up to every volunteer meeting (4? or is it 5?), but there are probably more than 30 people who perform a task before the conference, or during it, that help it be enjoyable to everyone attending. Imagine if TechPHX was just an online schedule of who was presenting in what room at what time, it could still happen, but it would be lacking in flair and panache.

What’s something to volunteer for?

  • Tech Support “Day of”: We assign you a room, and in the minutes before the session, you make sure the presenter is good to go with the projector, their slides, etc, and that the video streaming is working; and then you can go view whatever session you would like – it would be good if you are comfortable troubleshooting equipment you’ve never seen before, and worst case scenario, asking the presenter to copy their slides to a usb drive and just using the computer that’s already there if you can’t get their laptop to work.
  • Live Stream Interviewer “Day of”: Pick out a one or two hour block of time where you “lead the show”, conduct interviews, chat with attendees or those watching online; – it would be good if you are comfortable speaking into a mic for strangers.
  • Finding Speakers: Speaking at TechPHX is very low pressure, great for a beginner, or even testing out a new presentation.
  • Finding Sponsors: Feel free to ask your employer, sponsor it yourself, or solicit a business you think would be a good fit.
  • Volunteer to coordinate volunteer activities
  • Lots more to come!

I would even say that anyone who tweets or facebook posts about it, is volunteering in the marketing and promotion, and we thank them for it!


If you don’t care for Facebook,  you can email me: or call/txt my Google Voice # 480-382-1653

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