2012 Speaker: Josh Morgan

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Title: Mobile Photography
Today’s most versatile cameras are more powerful, portable and user-friendly than ever before – they can also make phone calls.
In the past few years, mobile technology has ushered in a plethora of mobile applications equipped with filters and social media features to make photography even more accessible. Hipstamatic and the even more popular Instagram has since risen to the forefront of many photographers’ tool kit, introducing a new aesthetic for photographers and newsrooms alike.
These aren’t the only photography tools available for iOS. Filterstorm, a photo editing application, gives photojouranlists the ability to edit images in layers, adjust curves and levels and embed caption info, some of the most used features of professional applications such as Adobe Photoshop, which also has a mobile application. Splice and iMovie allow users to edit full High Definition movies. 360 and Photosynth allow photographers to create sweeping panorama photographs. All of this content can then easily be pushed out across the web in a manner of seconds.
Josh’s presentation will be on how photographers and reporters can utilize these tools to push out visual content for publication faster than ever before, how to use these tools to better your personal brand and how they can be used for serious photographic work.

Bio: Josh Morgan is a cinematographer and photojournalist. He has interned and freelanced for Tucson Weekly and is a graduate of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute.
In his two years taking photographs, Morgan has covered numerous news events in Tucson, Ariz., including the tragic events on January 8 when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and many others were shot outside a local Safeway. Morgan was awarded second place by the Arizona Newspapers Association for “Best Multimedia Storytelling” for his coverage of the UMC vigil dedicated to Rep. Giffords. A year later, Morgan covered events in commemoration of the shooting for the New York Times Student Journalism Institute.
In the summer of 2011, Morgan found himself documenting the wildfires that wreaked havoc on Arizona landscapes, including his hometown of Sierra Vista, Ariz.
Most recently, Morgan was the multimedia intern at the Victoria Advocate in Victoria, TX as a Chips Quinn Scholar.
When he is not covering news events, Morgan enjoys documenting alternative cultures in Tucson, Ariz. He has also covered immigration issues, particularly in Nogales, Ariz. and Nogales, Sonora.
Morgan currently lives in Tucson, Ariz., where he is studying journalism at the University of Arizona.

Portfolio: http://about.me/jfpmorganj



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