2012 List Of Speakers

Photo by Dojogrl

Photo by dojogrl

Here is your line up for this year’s conference! We are still adding names so keep checking back!

Aaron Bachler
April Holle
Becky Papp
Candi Cook
Charlene Kingston
Christie Kerner
CJ Feierabend
Clintus McGintus
Crystal O’Hara
Desiree Ford
Don Burnside
Emanuel James Miller
Eric Myers
Eric Schedeler
Evo Terra
Greg Taylor
Izzy Hyman
Jamie Casap
Jason Bickford
Jeff Moriarty
Jeff Weninger
Joe Manna
John de Dios
Jonathan Simon
Josh Morgan
Karen Baney
Kathy Bass
Kathy Jacobs
Kirti Dwivedi
Kyla McConnell
Leigh Dow
Lindy and Tom Schneider
Lori Santa Maria
Niki Blaker
Perri Collins
Ruth Carter
Sara Fujimura
Scott Cowley
Sean Buvala
Scott Josephson
Selena Larson
Stephanie Liebold
Taylor Dewey
Yolanda Facio

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